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McDonogh 19 Among the Civil Rights Sites Receiving Federal Monies

The cafeteria at McDonogh 19 school on St. Claude in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward is receiving $500,000 from the National Park Service.

Gail Etienne, Leona Tate, and Tessie Prevost pose together inside the main entryway of the McDonogh 19 building during the groundbreaking ceremony on March 9, 2020. The walls behind them are covered in peeling paint and there is a painted over door removed from its hinges and leaning against the wall in the background. Behind them to the left is a wooden table displaying construction blueprints for the remodeling.

The National Park Service announced $14 million in African American Civil Rights Historic Preservation Fund grants to help 51 projects across 20 states and the District of Columbia that preserve sites and history related to the African American struggle for equality in the 20th century.



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