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Ringing the Bell

Ringing the Bell is a  professional development presentation for teachers that presents the need for teachers to include Civil Rights lessons into core curriculum standards. The program is designed to address the following learning objectives:

  • To DEMONSTRATE the value of Civil Rights/African-American history lessons to students

  • To IDENTIFY strategies to incorporate Civil Rights’ and African American history lessons across all subject areas

  • To UNDERSTAND Leona Tate’s role as a Civil Rights’ Pioneer

  • To IDENTIFY the stories housed at the Lower 9th Ward Living Museum

  • To UNDERSTAND the People’s Institute of Survival and Beyond role in addressing structural racism.

To learn more about this program email

An historic cast-iron school bell, approximately 25 inches in diameter, mounted on a sturdy wooden frame and placed outdoors. The bell is in shadow, and behind it are green hedges, leafy green trees, and a clear blue sky.

TEP Talks

The TEP Talk Series is a monthly forum highlighting untold stories of the Civil Rights Movement in New Orleans and connecting them to present social justice issues. 

Topics include:

  • Reproductive Justice 

  • Black History is American History

  • Gender Equity

  • Healthcare Equity 

  • Housing Equity

  • LGBTQ+ Rights and Equality

  • The Family 

  • Disaster Justice

  • Children’s Topics 

  • Food Equity

  • Education Equity

  • Human Rights

TEP Talks are made possible by the generous support of the Mellon Foundation Humanities in Place Program.

Leona Tate, wearing beige pants and a brown and gold patterned top, walks down the entry stairs outside the TEP Center on a sunny day.

TEP Tours

The TEP Center is open Monday through Friday 10 am - 3 pm. Last tour begins at 2 pm. Groups of 10 or more please email

Street view of the newly remodeled TEP Center, a wide, three-story former public school building in beige brick, against a clear blue sky, with two large trees in front of it.
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